Author: Ivo Henfling

All About Costa Rica Property TaxArtboard 2

All About Costa Rica Property Tax

Estimated Reading Time: 7 Minutes The annual Costa Rica property tax runs from the 1st of January until the 31st of December. You can pay the property tax quarterly. The percentage of the yearly property tax is 0,25%, as regulated by Law 7509. The correct way of calculating the Costa Rica property tax or impuesto…

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Parking your car in Costa RicaArtboard 2

Parking your car in Costa Rica

Estimated Reading Time: 5 Minutes You’d say, “What is so difficult about parking your car”? It seems simple, but let me tell you a few things. It might save you from getting a ticket, having your tag taken, or getting your car scratched all over. Once you move to Costa Rica and drive your own…

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