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Why is treating Ticos like shit not rightArtboard 2

Why is treating Ticos like shit not right

Amazingly, you’d be surprised how many “gringos” treat Ticos like shit. Because they’re stupid, they’re ignorant, they’re uneducated, dumb, or idiots. First, Ticos are not like that; even if they were, you should be ashamed of yourself if you’re one of the name-callers. I know I shouldn’t use bad language, and I apologize for the…

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Are Costa Ricans proactive or not?

One of the most difficult things for me adapting to the Costa Rican culture has been the fact that Ticos are not really proactive.  Of course, there are those who are, but they are an exception. Most are pretty reactive. If you wonder, yes I am still trying to adapt to a different culture after…

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